Palm Springs
  San Bernardino
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How much does it cost?
Over 21 years old $258.00, under 21 $180.00

Do I need my motorcycle permit first?
No, not to enroll in the class. You must have a valid driver’s license to enroll, however.

How long is the class?
It is 15 hours total. Five hours are in the classroom and 10 hours are on-bike practice.

What is the schedule?
There are 2-day and 3-day classes, both are the same amount of information and the same price. The 3-day class is Thurs. evening, plus Sat/Sun morning (best for hot days). Two day class is Sat/Sun only, with a combination of classroom and riding.

Will I get my motorcycle license by taking the class?
If you are successful in the class you will receive a DL389 certificate that you can take to DMV to satisfy the riding part of your license. You will still be responsible for taking the DMV’s written test to complete your M1 license.

Am I guaranteed to pass?
No. You must attend all sessions, pass a written test and pass a skill test before you are successful. We are here to help you develop your skills.

What if I don’t pass?
The decision to return for more practice is made between you and the Instructor. Sometimes people need more time to practice by repeating a portion of the class, and sometimes people decide that riding is not for them. Either way you will have gained the experience of what it takes to become a motorcyclist.

What if I don’t show up for a part of my class?
You will lose your spot. You cannot come back to get a second reserved spot for free. The decision to return on a standby basis is made by the administration.

What if I only want to use a scooter?
California still requires an M1 license. You can bring your scooter to class as long as it is small (less than 250cc’s), and if you have registration and insurance to show us.
What kind of bikes will we use?
We offer bikes that are 125-250cc’s and of various brands and models.
How do I sign up?
Online registration or call us.
How do I pay?
Credit, debit card or pre-paid gift card is required with registration.
Can I use my own bike?
Only if it is under 250ccs, 400 lbs or less, and/or a seat height of 30” or less, along with proper registration and insurance.
Where are the classes held
Palm Springs Police Dept. and Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park, Palm Springs, National Orange Show, San Bernardino